Green Gates Ceili Band

Our next ceili is the Mulvihill CCE ceili on

Sun. Nov. 19, 4pm-8pm at

VFW hall, Union NJ


The next two St. Brendan's ceilis are

Friday, Nov 28, and Friday, Dec 26, at 8pm

at the Bergen Irish Center

on Omaha St in Dumont, NJ.

No St. Brendan's Ceili in October.


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RIP Alfie Pakenham      1952-2008

Welcome to the home page for the Green Gates Ceili Band. We are an Irish American ceili band based in Northern NJ. We play monthly at the St. Brendan's Ceili, which is held, starting in Jan. 2008, at the Bergen Irish Center in Dumont NJ. We also play occasionally at the Pearl River Ceili, the Martin Mulvihill CCE Ceili, the Gaelic American Club Ceili in Fairfield CT, the Iselin Ceili Club in Rahway NJ, as well as annually at the Greater Danbury Irish Festival, the New Jersey Irish Festival and the Greater Hartford Irish Festival. We were also the featured ceili band on a cruise to Bermuda in 2004, and played the closing ceili for the CCE North American Convention that same year. We also played for the Friday ceili at the 2008 CCE Convention, where our drummer, Brendan Fahey, received a Founders Award.

Our current lineup is:

Eileen Goodman - Flute/Piano Accordion

Rose Flanagan - Fiddle

John Kennedy - Button Accordion

Denis O'Driscoll - Keyboard/Vocals

Brendan Fahey - Ceili Drums

Our original flute player, Pat Casey, is now retired. Some players who regularly sit in with us when needed include Mike Brady (fiddle), Linda Hickman (flute) and Margie Mulvihill Reynolds (flute).